Quick & Easy Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

The classic eggs benedict gets a makeover in my kitchen but with the handsome Hollandaise sauce, it is still the best breakfast ever, even if it’s not one of the most authentic versions! I am happy that I could keep my promise to you! Finally I am growing my collection of … [Read more...]

Potato & Onion Frittata

Potato-Omelette-3 (1 of 1)

With the best wishes for New Year, I bring to you a very easy yet very tasty breakfast frittata which takes no time to prepare and makes everyone happy at the same time! First thing first! Wish you all my fabulous readers a very Happy New Year! Hope you all had great fun and … [Read more...]

Sweet French Toast | Easy Breakfast Recipe

Sweet French Toast

Sweet French toast is a delightful option for breakfast when you are looking for something wholesome but a no-fuss recipe! I have always had the savory version of the French toast which I had learned to make from my mom. When I saw this recipe of sweet French toast in one of the … [Read more...]