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FB_IMG_1580113510991First, let us introduce ourselves. We are full-time professionals, enthusiastic travelers and above all passionate foodies! We are a team of 2, deeply in love with food and each other, who dream of making this blog the biggest thing ever on food on the internet! High dreams? Why not!

We are Indians by birth and culture but we are truly global in terms of our food choices! We do not confine our food to any particular cuisine. We cook and eat and enjoy recipes from each and every country of the world and this whole process brings in maximum pleasure to our lives, even more than the yearly appraisals!

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PS: Wondering why only one of us is visible in the above picture? My better half is more comfortable behind the camera! Well, it took me 7 years since inception of this blog to come as the front face; can’t complain if he isn’t ready yet!


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  1. Kim says

    I have just discovered your Manchurian Cauliflower recipe through Yummly and I really liked the simple, clean layout of your blog. I read your introduction and I feel akin to you, I have the same passion for food, and am most happy and comfortable in my kitchen. Very excited to cruise the rest of your blog later today and find some recipes to make here in Montreal!

  2. says

    Hi Priyanka,

    I have been browsing numerous foodblogs lately to find some inspiration for a more vegetarian lifestyle .. Want to compliment you on your blog where I got some nice ideas on how to reduce consumption of meat without losing apetite .. You put a lot of love and effort in it .. Nice personal introduction to each recipe .. Clear instructions .. Results professionally photographed .. I bookmarked your site under my favourites and will visit it more regularly to feel even more inspired .. Wishing you good luck sharing you enthusiasm on so wonderful food also in future ..

    • Priyanka says

      Thanks for such encouraging words Gerard! These really mean a lot to us! Keep visiting for more wonderful recipes! :)

  3. Carol says

    Hi Priyanka,
    Thanks for sharing your recipes and background. I am from the USA (not an Indian) and my husband is from Bangalore. I love traveling and experimenting with different dishes however, Indian dishes are my favorite. Always looking for good south indian dishes that are simple and easy to make. Looking forward to trying out some of your recipes!

    • Priyanka says

      Hi Carol,

      Thank you for your lovely feedback! This really made my day! Keep visiting for more delicious recipes! :)

      • says

        Hi Priyanka from Bangalore. At 71 years old I’m, suddenly over the past few days developing a serious eagerness for recipes & cooking – esp. diabetic low carbohydrate (have been a well-controlled diabetic since 1967 – then a juvenile/ student).
        I have three children & am blessed with five grand-kids – 3 of them stay in Australia near Brisbane.
        Anyway THANKS for your great recipes – I’ll let you know ASAP – when I’ve tried & tasted any of them!
        Have a great day with your loved-ones & keep the recipes coming – PLEASE.
        Kindest Namibian regards with stacks of Blessings!

        Stan from Aranos in the red-dunned Kalahari desert, Namibia

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