Spicy Curried Tofu


These tasty curried tofu will take away all the excuses for avoiding tofu and will start loving it! There was a time when we used to include tofu in our meal quite regularly; almost once or twice a week. In those days my blog was full of tofu recipes; so one day I suddenly … [Read more...]

Tofu and Baby Corn Korma


    It’s high time to publish some vegetarian recipes for my veggie friends and fans. Though I am a hardcore non-vegetarian, I equally cherish veg food. Bengalis are only famous for eating fish more than any other region, but our vegetarian platter is equivalently rich. A … [Read more...]

Tofu Bhurji – Indian Spiced Scrambled Tofu


    I agree that I have been little irregular in posting new recipes off late. But that really doesn’t mean that I have become irregular in cooking as well. There are so many new recipes lined up to be shared and I am totally clueless how to expedite the process.   A long … [Read more...]

Tofu and Sweet Corn Wrap in Rice Paper


Tofu and sweetcorn snack in rice paper is a super snack which has the wholesome goodness of sweet corns and tofu!   Tofu is a recent addition to my kitchen. When I made it first time couple of years ago, it turned out so bad that I subconsciously promised myself not to have … [Read more...]