Crispy Fried Chicken Strips *Video Recipe*

Today I bring to you an insane snack recipe of crispy fried chicken strips! You will simply be sold out to this unbelievable crispy fried chicken strips and I can bet high stakes on that!

Crispy Fried Chicken StripsToday is your lucky day! I am serious! You got to feel yourself lucky to have landed on this recipe of incredible crispy fried chicken strips! Trust me this is a game-changer! No! A life-changer and it’s not a joke! You think I am exaggerating things? Then just take a look at the pictures of these crispy fried chicken strips for a few seconds more and tell me again that you don’t trust me! These pictures are worth thousand words! I could have never imagined that such humble recipe could be so tasty that it would almost choke me out of excitement! My hubby suggested this recipe and I improvised it adding my personal twists; like adding the fresh rosemary and thyme to the breadcrumb itself so that these crispy fried chicken strips become extremely flavorful from outside along with being insanely crispy and super juicy and moist inside. This amazing combination will make your mouth as well as your senses dance with immense pleasure as soon as you take a first bite of these crispy fried chicken strips.

The standard breading process used in this recipe of crispy fried chicken strips is a miraculous technique which can convert any boring food to an utterly addictive one. The standard flour-egg-breadcrumb coating can be played around with your favorite flavorings. Just add them to the outermost coating i.e. the breadcrumbs and you will gain the maximum flavor. The flour is coated at the very beginning so that the egg could cling onto the flour. The egg as well as the flour (thanks to its protein content) helps in tenderizing the meat keeping it juicy and moist and preventing it from turning dry while deep frying. Finally, the breadcrumbs add the last layer of the makeover making the crispy fried chicken strips true to its name. I suggest to use a good quality breadcrumbs to achieve that restaurant like crispiness. It’s a very simple recipe which will produce guaranteed effective results every time!

Crispy Fried Chicken StripsCrispy Fried Chicken StripsChicken breasts, as universally agreed, are the most boring and flavorless portion of the bird. Since the time I have discovered chicken thighs being the tastiest meat of the bird, I have stopped using chicken breasts for my curries or most chicken dishes. Couple of days back, my hubby glanced upon a recommended recipe of some crispy fried chicken strips on our YouTube homepage and asked me if I can build on that! Initially I wasn’t too keen as it involved chicken breasts which doesn’t go well with me, but then I gave it a second thought. Thank God I did! I was aware of the standard breading process which I had used earlier too, but this time around it surprised me the maximum. I could have never imagined that the boring chicken breast could convert itself something as tasty as this! That’s a real deal!

While developing this recipe, I was thinking of ways to make the chicken breasts as flavorful as possible. Hence the addition of fresh rosemary and thyme which were handy at the time. I would not suggest using dried herbs in this because while deep frying on high heat, the dried herbs tend to burn more than fresh ones leaving you with a bitter aftertaste. In case you don’t have any fresh herbs, you can simply omit them out. They will still be super crunchy outside and super moist inside. Another favorite flavor enhancer of mine is garlic powder which I had discovered only after I started blogging. If that’s also a rare in your location, you can rub some garlic paste to the chicken. Garlic goes hand in hand with chicken and I can’t imagine preparing any chicken dish without this super flavor. (In case you are lucky enough to get your hands on the garlic powder, store them in the freezer as it turns rock solid at room temperature and become very difficult to use. Just pulse them in your dry grinder until fine powder and store in an air-tight container inside your freezer and it will keep for months.)

Well, that’s all for today and I leave you with the recipe of awesome crispy fried chicken strips which you got to make during the coming weekend and you got to let me know how freaky these turned out to be! Deal?

Crispy Fried Chicken Strips

Crispy Fried Chicken Strips *Video Recipe*
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Snacks
Serves: 4 servings
  • Chicken breast – 2, boneless and skinless
  • Garlic powder – 2 tsp
  • Bread crumbs – ¾ cup
  • Fresh rosemary – 2 tbsp, chopped
  • Fresh thyme – 1 tbsp
  • Egg – 2
  • All-purpose flour – ¾ cup
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Vegetable oil for deep frying
  1. Wash and pat dry the chicken breasts. Cut them into thin long strips. Two medium sized chicken breasts should yield about 16 to 18 strips.
  2. Season the chicken strips with salt and pepper on both side. Add garlic powder and rub it on all sides of the strips.
  3. Take the breadcrumbs on a shallow dish. Add chopped rosemary and thyme to the breadcrumbs and mix well.
  4. In another shallow dish, break and beat the eggs lightly.
  5. In a third shallow dish, take the all-purpose flour.
  6. Heat enough oil in a skillet for deep frying the chicken strips. Let the oil become smoking hot, then lower the temperature and let it cool down a bit.
  7. Take one chicken strip at a time, dredge it in the flour on all sides, lift it up and shake off the excess.
  8. Then dip the dredged strip into the beaten egg, lift it up and let the excess drip off.
  9. Finally, coat the chicken strip with the breadcrumb mixture all over ensuring it is completely covered.
  10. Tip in the breaded chicken strips into the hot oil and fry them on medium-high heat until golden brown on all sides. This would take about 2 minutes each side depending on how hot the oil is. Chicken breast cooks very fast so there is no chance of raw chicken.
  11. Take the fried chicken strips out and place on a plate lined with absorbent kitchen towel to soak up any excess oil.
  12. Serve the crispy fried chicken strips with ketchup. Enjoy!


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