Authentic Goan Lamb Vindaloo | Indo-Portuguese Vindaloo Recipe
Recipe type: Side
Cuisine: Indian
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 6 Servings
For dry spice mix:
  • Dry red chilies – 6
  • Cumin seeds – 1 tsp
  • Cloves – 10 to 12
  • Poppy seeds – 1 tsp
  • Whole peppercorns – ½ tsp
  • Mustard seeds – 1 tsp
For tamarind slurry:
  • Ginger – 2-inch piece, roughly chopped into small pieces
  • Garlic – 15 to 20 small cloves (or 10 large cloves)
  • Tamarind paste – 1 tbsp
  • White wine vinegar – ½ cup
  • Green chilli – 3, chopped
  • Salt – 2 tsp
Other ingredients:
  • Lamb – 1 kg, cut into medium-sized pieces
  • Onion – 300 gms (about 4 large), thinly sliced
  • Mustard seeds – ½ tsp
  • Cinnamon stick – 4-inch piece
  • Jaggery – 10 gm
  • Turmeric powder – 1 tsp
  • Kashmiri red chili powder – 2 tsp
  • Mustard oil – 4 tbsp
  • Curry leaves – 10 to 12
  1. Add all the spices listed under dry spice mix to a hot frying pan without any oil. Dry roast the spices on medium flame for 2-4 minutes or until they become fragrant.
  2. Transfer the toasted spices to a dry grinder and grind them to make a fine powder. You may wait for a while to let the spices cool down before grinding. Set it aside.
  3. Now take all the ingredients listed under tamarind slurry and add them to a blender. Blend everything to make a smooth tamarind slurry making sure that ginger, garlic and green chilies are all blended completely.
  4. Take the lamb pieces in a large bowl, add the dry powdered spice mix and the tamarind slurry. Massage the lamb cubes with hand so that all the aromatics and spices coat each piece thoroughly. Do not expedite this step and take time to marinate the lamb.
  5. Once the lamb pieces are nicely massaged, cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let the meat chill in refrigerator for at least 8 hours or overnight.
  6. Heat the mustard oil in a large wok or skillet. Once the oil is hot, tip in the cinnamon stick & mustard seeds and sauté for a minute.
  7. Then add the sliced onion and stir fry on medium heat until golden brown, about 10 minutes.
  8. Once the onion is nicely browned, push it to one side of the wok and add the turmeric powder & red chilli powder to the wok and quickly fry them in the oil for 30 seconds. The mix them in with the sautéed onion.
  9. Now add the marinated lamb to the wok and sauté on high heat for 10 minutes stirring frequently. Then turn the heat to medium-low, cover the wok and continue cooking.
  10. Meat will start releasing its juices which will help to cook; don’t add any water at this stage. Cover the wok and cook the lamb for 20 minutes on medium-low flame stirring frequently in between.
  11. Grate the piece of jaggery and add to the lamb. Stir to mix it well. The meat would have browned by now and the oil should start releasing at the side of wok; if not, continue cooking on low for 5 to 10 more minutes.
  12. Once you are happy with the color, add half a liter of boiling water and give a good stir so that spices mix well with the water making a uniform gravy.
  13. Cover the wok and cook the lamb on low heat until completely cooked and tender. Time required to cook the lamb will depend on the quality of meat you are using; hence keep checking frequently for the doneness.
  14. When the lamb pieces are cooked through, add the curry leaves and mix them in into the gravy. Your delicious lamb vindaloo is done!
  15. Serve this scrumptious Indo-Portuguese lamb vindaloo with hot plain white basmati rice. Enjoy!
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