Homemade Basil Pesto Pasta with Chicken

The classic basil pesto pasta needs no introduction. And it gets even better with homemade basil pesto using homegrown basil! It can’t get any better right?

Basil Pesto PastaHello fellas!

Weekend just got over and we are almost ready to hit another work week. Well, I won’t complain if I can enjoy such satisfying bowl of pasta with homemade spinach basil pesto and some juicy bites of chicken every weekend! This classic pesto pasta is addictive that you won’t be able to get over it and this is not a statement; it’s a warning!

Even these pictures are making me hungry now! I hope I would be able to complete writing this post before reaching out for some midnight snack.  Is it only me or they, I mean these pictures, are making you hungry too?

Basil Pesto Pasta

This was a long weekend for us with Friday being a holiday. I could get some time to relax as well as to chalk out some future plan for our beloved blog. Those are little long term plans and it’s not the right time yet to discuss, but I promise to keep you all posted! After all because of all you readers, this blog exist in the first place.

So this long weekend did give me some rewarding experiences and this irresistible basil pesto pasta is one of them! I can’t stress enough on the fact how good homemade pesto can be. Nowadays all the major supermarkets carry these Italian basil which is of the same family of the popular holy basil used in Indian households.

Basil Pesto Basil Pesto PastaIn case you are not lucky enough to get your hands on basil leaves in your city, you can try growing them. Trust me it is as easy as child’s play to grow them at home. You just need a small pot, some potting soil, basil seeds and a good sunny place at some corner of your house.

If you are able to grow one basil tree, you are sorted. That one tree will give you so much seeds that you will never run out of them. It is just one time investment (which is even negligible!) and the return over it is just never-ending! In sunny weather, even a small basil tree will provide you enough leaves for that amazing bowl of pesto pasta!

Basil Pesto PastaBasil pesto is an all-rounder in every sense. It is classic with pastas. It is also great for salads or even on toasts. For pastas, you are free to use any shapes or sizes you like. It is great both with short and long pastas as long as each pasta is coated with the flavorful pesto sauce. I had planned to make a chicken pasta salad too with this batch of pesto, but unfortunately I underestimated our capacity!

We fell for this pesto pasta so much so that I made the same dish twice back to back during this weekend! Can you believe it! And this is the very first time ever that there was no left over pasta! So you see some stuffs are really magical like this homemade basil pesto and the super-addictive pesto pasta! So what are you waiting for? Just hit it!

Basil Pesto Pasta

Chicken Pasta with Homemade Basil Pesto
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Cuisine: Italian
Serves: 4 servings
  • Tagliatelle pasta – 300 gms
  • Homemade spinach basil pesto – 1 cup
  • Boneless and skinless chicken breast – 2
  • All-purpose flour – ½ cup
  • Olive oil – 2 tbsp
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  1. Cook the pasta according to package instructions until al dente i.e. cooked but still retains a bite. Save some pasta water, about half a cup and drain the pasta. Quickly rinse the pasta in cold water, drain out all the water and set aside. It is best to use a colander for draining the pasta to make sure all water drains out.
  2. If the chicken breast is too thick, you can either pound it using a wooden spoon or a rolling pin to make it about half inch thick; or you can cut it cross-sectional lengthwise so that you end up with 2 thin chicken cutlets. Do the same for the other chicken breast too. Season both sides of the chicken with salt and crushed black pepper to taste.
  3. Now heat the olive oil in a skillet. While the oil is getting hot, place the all-purpose flour on a plate and sprinkle a pinch of salt. Mix well.
  4. Not dredge each chicken cutlet with the flour on both sides and place it on the skillet. Cook the chicken on medium-low heat until you see a golden crust forming on top of the chicken cutlets. This will take about 5 minutes on each side.
  5. Take the cooked chicken out on a paper towel and let it cool. Once cooled, cut the chicken cutlets into bite size pieces.
  6. Now to assemble the final pesto pasta, take a large stock pot or any vessel with high sides. Add half cup of the basil pesto and let it warm but not too hot.
  7. Now add the cooked pasta, the cubed chicken and toss everything well using a kitchen tongs. Check and adjust for seasoning if necessary.
  8. Finally add the remaining pesto and give a final toss. Serve it warm topped with more pesto or some grated Parmesan if desired.

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