Summer Cooler Fruit Salad

Beat the heat of summer with this super cool fruit salad! 
SummerFruitSalad1-1Summer is setting-in in my part of the world and it’s not quite a favorite season of mine. During my childhood I was exactly opposite; I was badly afraid of winter and loved the hot summer. But something inside me changed radically as I grew up and now I am in love with chilly winter!
The best thing in summer is the assortment of all kinds of fruits available in the market. When you come to think of it, you will be amazed to realize how well-designed our ‘mother nature’ is! To beat the scorching heat of the summer, it offers us so many varieties of fruits to cool us naturally. The artificial aerated drinks can’t even stand in the competition! Take tender coconut water for example, which is such a great summer cooler for us.
But some people are not too friendly towards fruits like my better half! So to make it tempting before him, I had to come up with this mix-n-match of fruits with a dash of twist which enhances its taste exponentially, trust me! This magic ingredient is nothing but cinnamon powder! A pinch of sprinkling of cinnamon can transform a regular dish to a different level of taste which is not only true for this recipe but for other savory delicacies too!
Summer Cooler Fruit Salad
Prep time
Total time
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 4 servings
  • Ripe Mango – 2
  • Pineapple – half of a big one
  • Pitted/canned cherry – 1 cup
  • Lemon – 1, big, cut into 4 wedges
  • Cinnamon powder – 1 tsp
  • Salt – few pinches
  • Fresh coriander leaves – few sprigs
  1. Peel and cut the mangoes into cubes.
  2. Peel, core and cut the pineapple in cubes of sizes similar to that of mangoes.
  3. Halve the cherries.
  4. Equally distribute mango cubes, pineapple cubes and cherries into four serving bowls.
  5. Sprinkle ¼th teaspoon of cinnamon powder with a pinch of salt into each bowl.
  6. Squeeze out the juice from each lemon wedge into each serving bowl.
  7. Mix very lightly and serve chilled sprinkling one or two leaves of coriander on the top.

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